World Wide Healing Hands: My Cause & Passion

Profits are donated to funding my mission & Charity work

Hi, I’m Dr. Paula Dhanda and I’m glad you stopped by to read about my passion.



World Wide Healing Hands is my passion in life (as well as being an M.D., which I love). It is my dream to be able to travel on missions all around the world providing much needed medical care to those less fortunate.

Since these mission trips are very expensive (around $30,000 per trip), I have been considering many fundraising alternatives.

I decided to develop a personal skincare line to help you with your most problematic skin issues such as acne, hyper pigmentation and anti-aging. My skincare line helps fund the much needed mission expenses while providing you with some fantastic products to apply to your beautiful skin. We also have the strongest guarantee in the skincare business. Click here to read about our guarantee.

I want you to know your purchase truly makes a difference in peoples lives and my volunteer team and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I am using the profits from my skincare line to fund my mission and charity work. I invite you to read more about this work by visiting my personal blog at

Developing these skincare products has been challenging but fun.

I have tried so many skincare products throughout the years and most of them fell short of what they promised. My products not only work (they are better than Proactive), but by purchasing them, you will be making a huge difference in people's lives. The people you will be helping people live in impoverished environments and cannot get the basic medical attention they desperately need.

-- Dr. Paula


100% of all the profits are donated to Worldwide Healing Hands' Mission work!
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