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Proper Cleansing is the Foundation of Healthy Skin - by Anna Powell, Licensed Paramedical Esthetician

Cleansing the skin is a pretty basic step but it is easy to take it for granted. People often shortchange themselves by not cleansing properly. Proper cleansing is definitely the foundation of vibrant, healthy skin... Read More

Remove Blackheads – 3 Easy Tips - by Dr. Paula

Most of us have experienced blackheads so what exactly are they and how do they occur? When puberty occurs our bodies begin to produce oil in our T-zones and skin pores enlarge trapping debris.... Read More

Acne and Your Diet – How What You Eat Can Wreak Havoc on Your Skin - by Dr. Paula

The foods that you eat can have a major impact on your skin, especially when you tend to eat processed foods that are high in fats and sugars...... Read More

Acne Mark and Scars – What causes them and how to prevent them - by Dr. Paula

Acne marks are a baffling skin condition that you have to understand to combat. I will explain what they are, why they appear and how to prevent/eliminate them altogether... Read More

Acne free? - You Can Be Too! – by Dr. Paula

So many of my patients dream of being free of acne. Here is the same advise I give to them... Read More

Acne Causing Makeup- 5 Quick Tips for Prevention - by Anna Powell, Licensed Paramedical Esthetician

I have battled acne caused by make-up for many years. Then I learned a few quick tips that have really helped me to reduce this problem. Acne is a skin disorder that causes inflammation and can leave behind scars and unsightly marks. It can be caused by a number of reasons but hormonal imbalance is to mainly to blame....Read More

Acne Wash - How to Choose the Right One For Your Skin Type - by Anna Powell, Licensed Paramedical Esthetician

The first step in choosing the right acne wash is to diagnose your skin type. There are different factors that control our skin such as hereditary background, age and environment. Your skin may be oily or oil deficient “dry”, normal or water deficient “dehydrated”, or a combination of these factors... Read More

Brown Spots – 3 Ways To Eliminate Them Once & For All - by Dr. Paula

Brown spots on your face and hands can make you look much older. Fortunately there are effective treatments that you can use at home to remedy this.... Read More


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