Proper Cleansing is the Foundation of Healthy Skin

By Anna, Licensed Paramedical Esthetician


Cleansing the skin is a pretty basic step but it is easy to take it for granted. People often shortchange themselves by not cleansing properly. Proper cleansing is definitely the foundation of vibrant, healthy skin.

People say to me all the time, “Oh, I don’t wash my face in the morning, it isn’t dirty”, or “At night I just use water and a wash cloth to remove my make-up”.

Ok people, let’s get this straight. Your skin is dirty in the morning. During the night, you’re excreting oils and quite possibly drooling on your pillow. Honestly, all that dirt gets imbedded into your pores. You have to wash it off in the morning with a good cleanser and warm water.

At night, after your skin has endured a day with you out and about in the elements and toxins of the world, whether or not you wear make-up your skin needs a good cleansing before you call it a night.

How to properly cleanse your skin? In the morning use a good water based cleanser, emulsify it with a little bit of water and massage into your skin. Take your time, close your eyes and massage your full face in upward, circular strokes. Be sure to wash every little nook and cranny, including your eyelids.

Just be a little gentler around the eyes. Splash it all off with some nice warm water until all cleanser has been removed. If you like you can lightly go over it with a warm wet wash cloth but don’t scrub it. In the evening, you want to cleanse in the same manner but do it twice. First wash to remove make-up and the daily grime that has settled on the surface and then a second wash to clean the pores.

If you pay attention to your cleansing routine every morning and night you will find that your skin is more accepting of your treatment products and will overall be more vibrant and healthy.

-- Anna

****Comment by Dr. Paula****

Anna is a licensed esthetician with a wealth of knowledge and experience. She has advanced training in clinical skin care and has worked in the natural health and beauty industry for almost a decade.

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